Capital One Lab Projects

Case studies and project highlights as Product Designer at The Capital One Innovation Lab. Projects range from customer-facing apps, internal tools, and early-phase concepts.

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laptop screenshot representing my work at Capital One

4 Your Health

A health and wellness product that combines telemedicine, workout videos, custom meal plans, and wellness coaching in one easy-to-use app.

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laptop screenshot of 4 Your Health project

Supervised Admin

An iPad web app that simplifies the administration of on-site tests in clinical trials.

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ipad screenshot of Supervised Admin project

Money Meter

An interactive budgeting tool that helps students create better financial habits and empowers them to maintain financial control.

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laptop screenshot of Money Meter project

Refund Selection

A responsive, simplified enrollment process that reduces cognitive overload.

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responsive screenshots of Refund Selection project

Study Configuration

A desktop web app that facilitates the bootstrapping and management of a clinical trials study across several teams.

laptop screenshot of Study Configuration project